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It came to my attention some time ago that Google offer a free online marketing course but until recently I had never got around to it. Having worked as web developer in various sectors (including marketing automation) I have tended to learn online marketing on the job (doesn’t everyone?).

Well, that being said, I recently decided to set some time aside and put my skills to the test . The best thing about this course is that it’s free, all you have to give up is your time (around 20 hours to complete). The course covers all the basics you'll need to market your business online and is broken down into 26 tidy modules within 7 sub categories which I’ve summarised below:

Google Digital Garage online marketing course breakdown

  • Take your business online - Successfully build your companies online presence and identify which online channels offer the most benefit to market your business.
  • Making it easy to find your business on the web - SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practices and online presence building and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
  • Reach more people locally, on social media and mobile - Learn how to engage and grow your social media presence and effectively target potential customers in your local area.
  • Reach more customers with advertising - How to maximise your online visibility by effectively utilising email marketing, display and search advertising campaigns.
  • Track and measure web your traffic - Understanding your website users with web analytics and draw actionable insights with data segmentation.
  • Selling products and services online - How to successfully implement and optimise an e-commerce business.
  • Expanding your online business globally - Technical and legal considerations when launching in a global market.

And there's a Google online marketing Certificate to be had!

Once you’ve completed all the sections, you are then given the opportunity to take a final exam. Providing you pass the exam you can claim your certification in online marketing fundamentals. I’m pleased to say I passed without too much difficulty *insert smugface emoticon here*. Obviously, I mean, it’s to be expected and if I hadn’t of passed then I wouldn’t be writing this post here!  Oh... You want proof? OK, here's your proof Google Cert!

But is it any good?

I'd say so! A great resource, for professionals who want to brush up their knowledge and business owners who are looking into online marketing for the first time. If you don’t have the time to work through the whole coarse, no problem, you can dip into when you need to focus on a particular subject. And as it’s provided by the mighty Google, it's unquestionably an authoritative source on how to get the most from Ad-words, Analytics and Search in general.

So if you have the time to spare then I‘d highly recommend it, if not for the whole course then just for the modules that interest you: after all, it’s free!

You can check it out here Google Digital Garage

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